Planet Cracker

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Author: maik_konrad
Last revision: 29 Sep at 11:59 2018 UTC


Mining megastructure for playing tall empires! (v2.1.3 Compatible)

This mod adds a "Planet Cracker" megastructure that lets you mine entire planets. You can build as many of these as you have energy to spare, but you are limited to large terrestrial planets (size > 25), as only they make such a mining endeavor profitable. The prerequisite for the planet cracker megastructure is the "colossus" tech as you need a colossus type weapon to crack a planets mineral rich core. In order to reduce the cost of a planet cracker, the station has no reactor to power the colossus weapon on its own, but rather relies on a huge energy supply from your empire for planet cracking. Since mining an entire planet takes centuries each planet cracker can be accompanied by a planet side mining colony. Moving living quarters from the Planet Cracker to the mining colony not only makes the life of miners more bearable but also makes room for a mineral refinery and a resource depot. You can build multiple planet crackers in one system and even alongside a "Dyson Sphere" without them blocking or affecting each other.

In general the construction of a planet Cracker has two main stages and one optional stage 3:

Stage 1: is basically just the construction of the platform (cost 5000 minerals)

Stage 2: "cracks the planet" and produces the minerals (cost 5000 energy)
– It produces 100 minerals and has an upkeep of 50 energy

Stage 3: constructs a small (4 tiles) "Mining Colony" on the planets surface (cost 2500 minerals)
– This is optional but it improves the mineral production by 10% without affecting the upkeep. It also grants a resource depot (Empire modifier: +5000 Minerals and +2500 Energy)

As you may never know what lurks beneath the surface of certain planets, one should be careful what planets to crack…. or at least in the near future…
—> The current goals for this mod will be to add some "Dead Space” event line which might be triggered by the construction of a planet cracker. (in progress)

It also doesn’t block the construction of a future "ring world". The planet will be removed if you choose to build one, but the planet cracker stays put. This was not intended, but is the way things are for now. One of the reasons for this is, that i don’t want the mod to change any vanilla game files!

German translation to the mod