More Civics in Vanilla Stellaris

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Authors: NewAgeKid52, xnadu27

Last revision: 9 Aug, 2018 at 13:23 UTC (1)

File size: 2.79 MB

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-Replaced by my shiny new Government Overhaul.

Latest Update
-Added Machine Media civic (icon from Civic Redux)

More Civics in Vanilla Stellaris is a mod that adds many new civics to vanilla from the mod More Civics in Ethics & Civics Rebuild by NewAgeKid52. All credit goes to him for all the files and stuff in this mod, and also to Petruxa, whose work is in the icons for these civics as well as their ideas and probably code.

One of these civics and two icons came from the Civic Redux mod, which is not updated by the original author. If he wants I can remove them, but I thought they should live on.

Their will probably be some oversights and/or bugs. If you find any, please report in the discussion, and don’t be afraid to give feedback!

-40 new civics
-1 new personality
-A handful of new governments

Overwritten Files

01_edicts (only temporary)
Bombardment policy

If another mod overwrites these, you may request a compatibility patch.

Compatible with 2.1.1. Untested with the 2.1.2 beta.

Upcoming Updates

-Remove all reference to the ethics that are not in this mod- almost done
-Fanatic Befrienders civic, changes to that personality
-Dread Lords civic and personality

Future Updates

-Full government/civic overhaul

AlphaMod: Civic Virtues
Authoritarian Purge


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.