Detailed Tech Tooltips Reloaded

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Last revision: 7 Aug at 11:36 2018 UTC


Research tech tooltips with tech tree and points of interest. Ironman / Achievements Compatible (2.1.1 Nivel)

Detailed Tech Tooltips Reloaded

This is reloaded version of these two mods.
Sadly they are quite outdated and no longer updated, so I decided to take good ideas and make synergy from them.

Used ideas from:
Detailed Tech Tooltips by Idejder
Technology Tree Mod by im97mori

Main Idea:

Create easy to read tooltip that will guide your technological evolution.
Less text, more info.
Make quick decision.


✅Multi language support
✅Ironman Mode
✅Save game friendly (Disable Enable mod anytime)

Other languages:

Ukrainian version
Korean version
Japanese version: upon request
Chinese version: upon request
Let me know if you want to help.


100% complete.

Best used with:

Universal ModOrganizer []

Q & A:

  • It is 100% compatible with other tech mods. You won`t get tooltips for their tech unless we cooperate (with the devs) and make one, but it won`t break anything either.
  • No research mechanics is changed. It just adds tooltips for relevant research and tells what that tech will unlock next and what future tech can be made available.
  • It is probably compatible with mods that change major parts of the game like complete overhaul. It 50 / 50. Either my mod won`t work or it will replace only vanilla content which should not be an issue as long as the mod doesn`t change it. Try and see. 😀

Post your feedback in Discussions and Comments.

Known Bugs / Issues:
When tech is researched, its description now exceeds windows limits. Won`t be able without tweaking UI. So there are extra lines between built-in description and actual tooltip.