AI Ship Set 1.4.2

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Author: Alnair
Last revision: 10 Feb at 10:45 UTC


This is uploading of original "AI Ship Set" by Tobori.

I don’t know why he decided to delete his mod from steam, it could be temporarily. But his work is too good to be lost in history, so I decided to keep it available for anyone before future notice from Tobori.
This is temporary upload to keep it up to date. The original mod will be updated in the future when Tobori will have time for this.

This version contains minor fixes for missing models and it should be fully playable. Feel free to report any bugs, I will try my best to fix them.

– All ship extensions is animated.
– New AI City Appearance.
– Apocalypse DLC Support.


Compatible with every mod, except the ones that add new ship classes and sections or change scaling. These mods will require a compatibility patch.

Built-in —Āompatibility:
– NSC2 Support.
– ISBS Support.
– Realistic Ships Support.
– Space Combat Expanded Support.
– EAC: At War Support.
– At War: Advanced Ship Sections

Compatibility Patches:

Downscaled Ships