Ana’s SCX Dreadnought Sections

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Author: Ana
Last revision: 22 Mar at 00:50 2018 UTC


Ana’s SCX Dreadnought Sections



This micro-submod adds 10 ship sections and carrier behavior AI computers to SCX Core’s Dreadnought Class.

Added Ship Sections:

Bow: 4 Large Utilities
– Desolator Bow – 1 Hangar, 2 PointDefense, 1 Large (UI shows incorrect loadout, but works properly when selected)
– Despoiler Bow – 1 Hangar, 2 PointDefense, 2 Guided
– Devourer Bow – 2 Hangar, 4 PointDefense

Core: 5 Large Utilities
– Executioner Core – 1 Extra Large, 2 Large (Brings the hate)
– Cyclone Core – 5 Hangar, 4 PointDefense
– Monsoon Core – 3 Hangar, 2 PointDefense, 3 Medium
– Typhoon Core – 3 Hangar, 2 PointDefense, 3 Guided

Stern: 3 Auxilary Utilities
– Devastator Stern – 2 Hangar, 4 PointDefense
– Destructor Stern – 1 Hangar, 2 PointDefense, 2 Medium
– Desecrator Stern – 1 Hangar, 2 PointDefense, 2 Guided


The SCX Core mod with the Dreadnought Class module, of which you need both to use this mod, provide a balanced Dreadnought Class slotted between Battleship and Titan. The SCX Dreadnought has only 6 sections to choose from but with this mod you now have 16 ship sections to outfit the Dreanought class to whatever combat design role you prefer. Also added to this class are carrier behavior AI computers.

Through testing it was discovered that Long range weapons are OP when facing 2.0.2 fighters. For this reason, the standard section coversion of 1L = 1H has been rebalanced to 1L = 1.5H. Hangars use this conversion to retain section parity vs long range beam Dreadnoughts.

Language Localisations Support:

English, Russian


– Locatornames may not originate some weapons from firing from hardpoints or turrets on the model and may come instead from the center. This is a minor graphical issue and will be fixed at some point.
– No vanilla files were altered and this mod should be compatible with all other mods out there.
– This mod adds sections and computer AI behavior and so should be able to be dropped into existing saves. Removing this mod from an existing save is not recommended.


– You need SCX Core mod and Dreadnought Class mod together in order for this mod to work.


Be sure to check out Kypamop’s Balanced Carrier Sections mod for all your fighter needs!
I also recommend SJ’s Extra Ship Sections for all you Guided Missile and Torpedo Jocks!
Jellyfish’s SCX Level 3 Hull Tech is nice and has one for Vanilla Classes as well.
Don’t forget the SCX ESC Patch if you use NHunter’s Extra Ship Components 2.0
Like fighters? Well get jonjowett’s Titan Hangars and put `em on your Titans!
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Team Nessassity

and their amazing SCX and Elves of Stellaris mods, Princess Stabbity, Nessa & Teneb Kel


for all the patient tutoring on how to mod and what does what. Without Kypamop, I’d be paying someone else to make my mods… Thanks for saving me a buck!


This mod was made with permission from Princess Stabbity of SCX Core. Neither this mod nor the author is part of the SCX Core team. Ana’s SCX Dreadnought Sections mod is separate and does not coincide with the class design philosophy of Space Combat Expanded Core. This mod was made for those that want more flexibility with this class and/or do not intend to use the SCX Carrier Class which this mod largely makes redundant.

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