Slightly Powerful Starting Systems

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Author: NewAgeKid52
Last revision: 7 Jun at 03:31 2018 UTC


This is a collection I made of 4 starting systems. These systems can be called "Slightly Powerful" because they are powerful in that they offer an advantage over your opponents, but not so much that you are God-like. They give you an edge, but don’t make the game too easy. I thought there were not enough of those types of systems on the workshop while there are a lot of super-powered starting system mods.

The planets in these systems contain ideal planets (which are planets that start with whatever preferred biome you start your game as), a Gaia planet, and a terraforming candidate planet (which you can terraform when you have the technology).

There is an included Sol system which is fictitious. It has a size 24 Gaia planet named Abundantia in-between Earth (size 25) and Mars. You can just imagine it as a parallel universe where a perfect planet formed in between Earth and Mars, ready for new settlers to live a life of prosperity and joy 🙂

The systems are:

Azut System: 2 ideal planets (size 24 + 24) and 1 terraforming candidate (size 13) planet.

Qialey System: 3 ideal planets (size 20 + 12 + 24) and 1 terraforming candidate (size 12) planet.

Xiom System: 2 ideal planets (size 21 + 17) + 1 Gaia planet (size 24) + 1 terraforming candidate (size 12) planet.

Sol + Gaia: Earth (size 25) + 1 Gaia planet (Abundantia size 24) + 1 terraforming candidate (Mars size 13).


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