Backgrounds+ Collection: 2.1+

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Author: EliteCthulhu

Last revision: 12 May at 20:54 UTC (7)

File size: 135.54 MB

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Completely overhaul all Stellaris backgrounds!


As per a few requests, here is the entire collection of my Backgrounds+ mod series (I guess?), all bundled up in one neat package. I don’t expect this to become popular, but it is a small ‘quality of life’ improvement for a few people, so I will still update it and what not.

  • This mod should be compatible with pretty much everything that does not edit the vanilla "event_pictures" files.
  • If a mod that adds new event pictures and anomaly pictures that does not edit the vanilla ones and just adds files used by the mod, everything should be okay.
  • Also, if a mod uses vanilla "event_pictures" files, then that change will be reflected by the mod. —- ie. the More Events Mod, uses the vanilla "event_pictures" and so, with this mod installed, would use the ones from the mod, which may conflict in context.

I don’t want this one background?
Go through the instructions on ‘How to Remove Loading Screens You Don’t Want’ to stop a certain background from appearing.

Is it Ironman / achievement compatible?
✔ – Yes, this mod is completely compatible to earn you achievements if you play with it—on any game version.

Can I have the vanilla backgrounds too?
Please see this mod.

Who made these and am I able to download any of the backgrounds?
All images & artwork are made by Vadim Sadovski[], and converted for Stellaris by EliteCthulhu. Check out his work and download the images here[]. I, in no way, shape or form own any credit to the making of the images used within the mod..

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