More Civics in Ethics and Civics Rebuild – No Traditions

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Author: NewAgeKid52

Last revision: 4 Dec, 2018 at 17:23 UTC (29)

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Hi everyone. This mod will remain up for everyone who decides to stay with 2.1 Niven. I will unfortunately not be updating this to 2.2 Le Guin since I will be going on to other things. With that said, I appreciate everyone’s support and am thankful for everyone who subscribed to my mod! My mod added a lot of flavour to Petruxa’s mod, so if Petruxa you are there, or any other person wishes to take my mod and update it for 2.2 Le Guin please feel free to do so. I had a lot of civic ideas I added to this mod and tried to balance it all out as best as possible. Hopefully you will have fun continuing this mod in 2.2 Le Guin and beyond. Thanks everyone.

Lord_Poncho57 is currently working on a mod to update this mod for 2.2 Le Guin. Please check it out:

Finally it is here everyone! Here is a version of my More Civics in Ethics and Civics Rebuild that has no traditions!

As of June 25, 2018 ThugQueen69 hasn’t updated his tradition-less version of my mod to 2.1.1 Niven. I went ahead and did many of the changes that Kyera posted in the guide to create a tradition-less version of my mod.

It is hard to keep up multiple versions of the same mod so this will probably be the last major update for quite a while. I tried to make this spin-off mod from Petruxa as balanced as possible, so there were many changes to things such as his added ascension perks, policies, and Ethics Rebuild-specific buildings.

This was a monumental task on my part since I had to update so many things. If you see any really glaring bugs, please feel free to post about them here. However, just like in my More Civics in Ethics and Civics Rebuild mod, you can take this and edit it however you want and post it if you wish if you have a burst of inspiration.

Since this was such a big mod, I will like Petruxa, "retire" from this work. I really wanted a tradition-less version that is up to date so I made one.

Anyways thank you to everyone here. Thanks to Petruxa for providing me with the framework for the mod and inspiration, and ThugQueen69 and Kyera for providing localisations and the inspiration to make this mod!

***** Attention everyone. xnadu27 is making a big mod that incorporates my civics mod as well as civics for others. It is quite a massive task. I am working with him on it, and we could use your help! Please take a look at what he has planned and if you’re interested, please contact him. Since the mod is so large, any help would be greatly appreciated!



I now have more civics for HIVES and MACHINES!

Here is a listing of them.


-Astronomical Curiousity
-Biological Introspection
-Hive Architecture
-Indirect Dominion
-Physics Curiousity
-Motivated Settlers
-Bountiful Hive
-Enviornmental Sculpters
-Synchronized Rivalry
-Vicious Swarm
-Hive Alpha Portal
-Swarming Speed
-Hive Ancient Database

Machine Intelligence:

-Weapon Design Programs
-Space Builders
-Machine Power
-Physics Analysis
-Self-Coding Optimizers
-Domination AI
-Machine Alpha Portal
-Machine Space Race
-Machine Ancient Database

Thanks to Ash Racoon from pointing me in the direction of
Credit to Delapouite, Lorc, Skoll, and Lord Berandas from for the icons used on the new Hive and Machine civics. Thanks to Lorc for the Enlightenment icon for the Ancient Database civic for regular empires, hives, and machines. More thanks to Lorc for Bubble field icon for the Psionic Protection civic and the Oak icon for the Planet’s Voice civic. Thanks to Delapouite for the Palette icon for the Artistic Endeavors civic, the Star Gate icon for the Alpha Portal civics for regular empires, hives, and machines, and the Checkered Flag icon for the Space Race/Swarming Speed civics for regular empires, hives, and machines. Thanks to Willdabeast for the Orb wand icon for the Enchantment civic.

Here is my 5 civic patch that allows you to have 5 civics on your empire!

Here is my old version of More Civics in Ethics and Civics Rebuild which has the traditions that Petruxa included in his:

Need 4 civics instead of 3? Check out my 4 civic add-on patch:

Using Planetary Diversity? Check out my compatibility patch, so you can put a nice Luxury Resort on your Atoll, Tepui, Oasis, Crystal, or Floating worlds! All the new planet types from Planetary Diversity can spawn a Natural Wonder tile deposit.

Using Core Game Mechanics: Buildings? You can find the compatibility patch for this mod here:

Please check out my starting system mod named "Slightly Powerful Starting Systems" here: