Rohan/Old English/Anglo-Saxon Names + Uffington White Horse Flag

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Author: Mech The Dane
Last revision: 20 Aug at 22:07 2018 UTC


This Mod Now Includes:

1. Rohan Inspired/Anglo-Saxon Name list
2. Anglo-Saxon Historically Accurate Name list (No Tolkienisms)
3. Uffington White Horse Flag/Emblem
4. ‘The Rohirrim’ pre-made Empire
5. ‘The Rohirrim’ pre-made Solar System

There is a bit of an easter-egg with the Rohirrim System, I have a few larger plans in mind for it, but for now it should be, at very least, interesting to serious LOTR fans.

I’ve also added a historically accurate Anglo-Saxon name list for anyone out there who doesn’t want the fantasy elements of Tolkien’s sub-creation leaking into their experience.


With so many name lists out there and the ability to be Elves, Dwarves, Trolls etc with just the main game files, it felt like a crime that I couldn’t have my human race be based off of an older, more heroic and noble culture!

So I have made this little mod to address that omission. It is my first mod ever, so be gentle.

I’ve included all the names of the Rohirrim, along with aspects of their geography and culture in this mod. As Rohan was always supposed to be an Old English/Anglo-Saxon analog, I’ve also added many Old English names to help fill in and round out the rest of the mod.

This mod is perfect for a Rohan, Rohan-Inspired, or even Anglo-Saxon play-through.

This mod also inlcudes the Uffington White Horse flag which is perfect for your Rohan or Anlgo-Saxon Space Empire.

The Rohirrim, from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and other works, are a noble horse-based culture with clear Anglo-Saxon connections. Their Banner has a white horse on a green field.


Please let me know if you find any bugs, if any names don’t work, if you have any suggestions for changes or updates to the mod.