ED’s CB and WG

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Author: Eternal Doomsday
Last revision: 28 Jul at 06:35 2018 UTC


Adds Casus belli related special condition about empire

Species based

These are species based

Condition:Target empire main species is subspecies/same species of your empire’s main species, and having opossite ethic
War goal always be Unify
Total War

Surrender Acceptence:-500(Has ethic conflict)

Hint:Wants friends but Foever Alone(Repugnant ,Solitary , Venerable ,Fanatic Xenophile, Militarist)
Somewhy it is OK whether target is Hive minded or machine empire(Of course they will know they can’t make hive minded or machine friends)
War goal will be always Befriend
Accept offer will set ethic fanatic xenophile and militarist, become freinds states

Surrender Acceptence:-150(Who will like repugnant aliens who declare war if you don’t want to be their friends?)

Condition:You must be barbaric despoiler, target must have any delicious pop
Currently, total war(Will be changed)

Surrender Acceptence:-425(They will gonna make all of targets into delicious(?) meat)

Wants Slaves
Condition:You must be barbaric despoiler decadent species
Total war

Surrender Acceptence:-500(They will gonna make all of targets into slaves)

Government based

These CBs are based on Government

Spread Democracy
Condition: You must be (Fanatic) Militarist, (Fanatic) Egalitarian, not (Fanatic) Xenophobe, Democratic, Target Mustn’t be hive/machine inteligence empire or democratic empire
You don’t have to border target, but no liberation opinion modifier(Just Copys and pastes ethic and authority)

Surrender Acceptence:-55

Restore Honor
Condition:Humiliated, Must have ethic combination which sets AI Personality as Honorbound Warriors
This CB’s WG makes remove humiliated modifier for user when user won
Be careful before you humilate honorbound warriors, this might be activate this CB(And also be careful which shares same ethic with honorbound warriors)


New casus belli:Cybernatic Evolution(You have cybernatic)
New casus belli:Synthetic Evolution Enforcement(You have synthetic)
New casus belli:Psionic Awakening(You have psionic trait)

Known Issues

WG Needs Rework
Author’s Bad English