!ESC/ZOTFE Fallen Weaponry Compatibility-Balance Patch

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Authors: Chirumiru ShiRoz, Kolyn
Last revision: 5 Sep at 20:58 2018 UTC


"Our empire spans millennia. Legions have risen to test us. […] Our ascendance is inevitable. A day, a year, a millennium—it matters not. We hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. Your striving is insignificant. Let your death be the same."

Refer to this link for the full list of changes.

READ HERE FIRST : Technically, "ESC Overwrite" is not required but this mod overwrites a part of that mod to change the stats of DM Deflector/Psi Shield. It should be safe to run this mod without that one if you don’t want to.

This is a personal compatibility patch that I made between Extra Ship Component and Zenith of the Fallen Empire (and it’s sub-mod, Fallen Weaponry).The patch seeks to link many ESC components to ZOTFE ships as well as bringing ZOTFE unique weapons and components to be on par, or superior to ESC’s conventional variant.

Due to this, it is also considered a balance patch (Even though trust me, it’s not going to be balanced lol).

This is my first mod that actually changes stuffs outside of my usual expertise (Soundeffects). Do not expect the same quality of work of Kolyn or NHunter, but I attempt to test everything as much as possible to ensure nothing will explode.


Background :

I have always been a fan of Kolyn’s Zenith of the Fallen Empire and have supported his work for a long time. I also took interests in NHunter’s Extra Ship Component, but learned that both mods tend to clash with each other when it comes to components and designs.

Since neither authors have enough free time to make a comp patch for these two awesome mods, I take up the challenge and attempt to bridge the two mods together, thus this mood is born.

Note: This mod also forces me to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop lol


General Changes

– Implement ESC components into every ZOTFE ships, including Goliath. (Taccom)

– Rebalance and rework many ZOTFE components to be on par, or superior to ESC. Many ZOTFE now offers alternative applications (For example, Omni Lance has much higher range and damage than Hypercharged Lance but suffers from extreme minimum range penalty)

– FE Ships now gain a new unique combat computer called Biotic Interface CC that combines the advantages of both Sapiant and Precog Interface CC as well as being impervious to all hacking attempts. (Will only work on FE ships)

– Rewrites various lores and descriptions of ZOTFE components to coincide with ESC.

– Replaces many ZOTFE component icons with new ones that reflects power and aura comparable to ESC components.

– Reworks ZOTFE Resized XL weapons, they now have comparable damage to the XL one, but eats more energy than the real deal.

– Buffs Dark Matter Deflector to be comparable to T7 shield, and reworks Psi Barrier to be comparable to T6 shield, but consumes only T4 power (As most of the shields are maintained by the crew and not generators).

– Dark Matter-based tech (Such as Thrusters, Generators and CC) will be comparable to final components if used on FE ships (Aka DMR will give Escort the same amount of power as final reactor) – Improved Dark Matter Reactor becomes the ultimate FE ship reactors.

– Buffs certain ESC buildings to be competitive to ZOTFE Dark Matter production buildings.

– Due to the nature of these changes, Fallen Empire will be slightly stronger than before as they have improved combat computer and shields.



– Ok, let’s get this out of the way first. I am terrible at using photoshop so the new artwork may be a bit unpleasant to art experts sadly. (I literally started learning it yesterday)

– The components are not fully tested for balance, expect certain stuffs to be more OP than they are suppposed to. Fortunately, these techs do not grow on trees and effort is required to get them.

– ZOTFE Titan-sized weapons have not been balanced yet, they are using the main mod’s numbers atm.

– I am not the author of ZOTFE or ESC, so it will take awhile for this mod to update itself when the two main mods update.

– Balancing the two mod requires extensive modification to ZOTFE weapon stats to make them on par with ESC counterparts, I am sorry if the new changes have destroyed your vision of how FE weapons should have operated.

Known Issues

– Not fully confirmed, but it seems somehow Compact Omni Arc Emitter may not be usable, I cannot find out why atm. I will look into it later.

– ZOTFE Titan Weapons are not balanced with the ESC ones yet. (Although they may not need it)



– Overwrites things that the main mods also overwrite.

– Overwrites 00_utilities_shields.txt to upgrade DMD and Psi Shield

– Overwrites Fallen-Empire related global_ship_designs so that they’d still drop DM-tier stuffs for default empires to steal and ascend.

– Requires both mods to function properly.



Zenith of the Fallen Empire – By Kolyn
Extra Ship Components – By NHunter

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