Ro Flags

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Author: roe.ese
Last revision: 27 May at 22:02 2018 UTC


Ro Flags are inspired by East Asian seals. Choose from 22 seals for your flag. Currently available in white. Gold to be added in the future. More seals to be added in the future.

Some of the seals are based on some of the states during the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋時代) in Chinese History. This is the Chinese feudal age before China was united as one Empire again under the Ch’in (Qin/秦) Dynasty. The Ch’in (Qin/秦) Dynasty is where the name China comes from.

From left to right, top to bottom, as arranged in the flag menu.
齊 (Cë/Qi)
鄭 (Ceŋ/Zheng)
蔡 (Çä/Cai)
楚 (Ço/Chu)
晉 (Cin/Jin)
秦 (Cin/Qin)
鎭 (Cin/Zhen)
陳 (CinChen)
邾 (Cu/Zhu)
慶 (Gjeŋ/Qing)
華 (Hwa/Hua)
印 (In/Yin)
燕 (Jen/Yan)
娟 (Jen/Juan)
吳 (O/Wu)
盧 (Ro/Lu)
魯 (Ro/Lü)
素 (So/Su)
宋 (Soŋ/Song)
虞 (U/Yu)
衛 (Ü/Wei)
越 (Wer/Yue)

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