Planet Rings -Torus

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Author: yf22
Last revision: 15 Jun at 03:36 2018 UTC


New Megasture Added-Planet RIng (Capital Only)

Cost&Build Time:
Stage 1: Instantaneous minerals 8000 influence = 300
Stage 2:4800 days minerals 20000
Stage 3:4800 days minerals 20000 influence = 500

Stage 1: Technology "Torus Rings" which will show up after star base level 3 tech is researched
Stage 2: Technology "Mega Engineering" and Technology "Titan" , This stage has 2 options, you can either build a defense network or an orbital factory generating energy as well as minerals
Stage 3: Finishe the remaining update ( Defense platform or factory, depends on your choice in stage 2 )

New Starting system:
Adv Terrans in the Custom Empire View with a initial ring at the capital

Effects on production:
Initial : Happiness +30% All resources production +50% energy&mineral +120
Upgraded: Happiness +30% All resources production +100% energy&mineral +500

Effects on defense:
Initial : Orbital Bombardment Damage – 50%
Upgraded: Orbital Bombardment Damage – 85%
Defense Network-6 defense stations (When destroyed, a special project is created and you need to finish it to rebuild the defense station)

Ship Building

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