Stargate Utopia NEW VERSION

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Author: Kaal
Last revision: 21 Apr at 17:31 2018 UTC



////////////////////////////// Total conversion mod / EN / FR (ALPHA) – 2.0.x version //////////////////////////////

Make every Stargate fans join their strenght to make the best mod ever.
No matter your skill. If you have any ideas, or any time to help me, feel free to CONTACT 🙂

Created for Stargate Traits Compatibility (rename Stargate Universe)
You NEED to launch it at the same time

/////////////////////////////////// 2 playable way : Stargate or Stargate Atlantis ////////////////////////////////////

10 different races : SGC, Goa’uld, Jaffa, Ori, SGA, Wraith, Asgard, Replicateur, Asuran, Ancient
5 different Goa’uld species : Apophis, Râ, Ba’al, Heru’ur and Anubis

Customs racials traits / technologies / weapons / flags / ships/ names.
Each races got it’s own origin systems and planets.

Merci à Jazard, créateur du mod.

Required items:
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Downscaled ShipsOn Steam