Animaris – Anime Conversion

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Authors: [ ]Uber2013 Magister Juris, Aduna

Last revision: 6 Jun at 07:30 UTC (6)

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Adds a lot of Anime-stuff to the game for more immersion wiz lotz of waifu characters.
Now 132 new anime characters, 120 females and 12 males, more to follow.

Updated for 2.3.

The Phenotypes are diveded atm in 6 Races, the complete one, a CPU one with Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters, a "Moe" one and a "Serious" one, with darker, less moer characters. Additionaly theres a female only and a male only race.
Theres a new Waifu Race, so it shouldnt be so overloaded anymore.

The Character-Images are now diveded between males and females.

And also theres are two Name list with anime names and series names for Characters,fleets and more.(should be free of "?" now)

Includes 14(now hopefully working) Soundtracks fromSteins’Gate, Death note, MSMM and No Game no life.

Should be compatible with most mods.

If you have any suggestion for what this mod is missing, feel free to mention those.

Direct-download: (up2date for 1.2):

If you dislike any of the added contents, feel free to delete those in:
(the workshop folder in the Steam folder doesn’t seems to function, this one should do)

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