.SR. Starbase Buildings (2.1)

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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 24 May, 2018 at 18:25 UTC

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New buildings for Starbases in systems with strategic resources.

Seven new buildings for starbases, that leverage a tapped strategic resource in the system.

The SR is not consumed. Each building provides a bonus to ships built at the starbase.

– Buildings do not directly give an empire modifier.
– At the end of every year, the number of buildings you have is calculated.
– An empire bonus is then given. The bonus is increased up to 3 buildings.
– Anymore than 3 of a particular building only provides redundancy.

Whilst many attributes of individual ships are tracked by the game, apparently bonuses given by a starbase to a constructed ship are not. Upgrade that ship, lose the bonus. Rather than have individual ships track another attribute, PDX chose to remove the content that allowed starports to add bonuses to constructed ships. However, the actual back-end functionality is there, just not the actual fix that was all that was needed to keep track of bonuses when ships are upgraded. Ah PDX, you…

Built against Stellaris v2.1.
Does not require AlphaMod. Works with AlphaMod. Not included in AlphaMod.
Does not modify any vanilla files.
Should be fine with an existing save-game.
The AI will use the new buildings.
Not Ironman achievement compatible.

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