-Additional Prescripted Empires-

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Author: ImpulseSpecifix
Last revision: 25 May at 09:10 2018 UTC


Stellaris Version 2.1 Compatible

Additional Prescripted Empires v0.1.5

Ever wanted a galaxy full of interesting species, with their own backstories, goals and governments? Instead of bland, randomly generated empires with little flavor? If so, I have the mod for you!

Additional Prescripted Empires adds several unique empires, with a backstory, description and traits that reflect the enviroment they evolved and advanced in.

The ultimate goal of this mod is to make the empires you encounter have more personality and history, resulting in the galaxy feeling more lived-in.

The current version of Additional Prescripted Empires is perfectly playable and stable, but only adds 7 empires, and not the event chains and other features later versions will have.

Current Features

• 7 New empires with their own backstory, relevant traits and government type
• All new empires can spawn AI-controlled

Features in Development for the Next Update (v0.2)

• 2 Custom starting systems for the Great Cynn Imperium of Metallics and the Quarg Timekeepers
• Anomalies and planet modifiers for these systems
• 2 additional empires

Planned Features (Short Term)

• Additional Prescripted Empires!!
• Custom events (and event chains) for each new empire
• Custom planet modifiers for some new empires (that have a unique homeworld)
• Custom starting messages for each new empire
• A modded version, utilizing government, trait, portrait and civic mods to make new empires feel unique and "alien"

Planned Features (Long Term)

• Custom namelists for some new empires
• Custom diplomacy and opinion modifiers for each new empire
• Custom starting systems for each new empire
• Custom technology, buildings and weapons for some new empires
• Expansion or standalone mods, such as a human-only or alien only standalone mod
• Compatibility patches (if needed)

Plus any ideas you come up with! Suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated 🙂

As you can see from the list of current/planned features, THIS MOD IS A WIP and new features are in development and will be added!

Ironman and Achievment compatible
Does not modify or overwrite vanilla files
Compatible with ALL other mods

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