The DeathStar

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Author: Lord Arendelle
Last revision: 3 Jun at 20:00 UTC


I’ve been waiting a year for someone to make a Death Star mod so I finally went off and had to make my own using the model from the elrite’s star wars fractal ship mod.

Adds the Death Star as a capital ship with planet cracking capabilities.
Every empire can only build one.

35000 minerals to contruct.
5 years to build.
50 naval capacity
100000 hull points
10000 armor
5000 shields

You must research the Titan tech.
Requires the titan yards to build in your starbase.

You will have to use the colossus project to add the planet killer weapon

You can get star wars weapons from this mod:

including the X and T slot death star superlazer varients.

You may fire when ready….

I’ve removed the planet killer custom weapon becuase it was buggy but will add if back in eventually once I fix the bugs and figure out how to place it on the model so it emits from the dish.