Driven Assimilators, New Traditions

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Author: DDRussian
Last revision: 15 May at 19:04 UTC


This mod replaces the ‘Domination’ tradition tree for Driven Assimilator empires with a new one called ‘Amalgamation’. The new tree is similar to the ‘Purity’ one found in Fanatical Purifiers and other permanently-hostile empires.

Amalgamation Traditions description:

Adoption effect: -25% Clear Blocker Cost (same as Purity)

Quasi-Organic AI: +2 Empire Leader Capacity, +2 Governor Level Cap (same as Colonial Viceroys tradition)

Total Neural Integration: assimilating pops generates physics, engineering and additional unity (in addition to society research and unity)

Genetic Manipulation Nanites: +1 Trait Point (for biological species), -15% Species Modification Time

Never Surrender: +10% Starbase Hull Points, +50% Defense Army Health (also found in Purity tree)

Planetary Surface Optimization: -50% Resettlement Cost (same as Appropriation tradition)

Finish effect: +10% Unity (same as Purity)

[5-15-2018] Updated to 2.0.5