Tolkien names for Stellaris (LOTR+ names)

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This mod adds a new Tolkien themed (LOTR, Hobbit, Silmarillion etc) name-list to the empire creation screen.

Included are the names and place-names of Elves, Dwarves and Men, as well as a few others (Númenórean names for example). Most of the names you’ll come across will belong to Elves and the races of Men, but you’ll also find some Hobbit names occasionally (these are a little rarer by virtue of there being less of them in Tolkien’s mythology).

Here’s a breakdown of how I’ve applied the names:

– Military vessel classes and names (Asfaloth-class Battleship, ISS Ecthelion for example) are taken from place-names, with the exception of battleship, titan and colossus class vessels. I felt place-names worked better than character names (Tol Eressëa-class just sounds better than Gamgee-class. Ok bad example).

– Battleship, titan and colossus ships are taken from character names, and I’ve selected these based on what sounded cool (sue me) and their significance in the lore, so you can expect to generate names like Ancalagon for a Titan, for example.

– Science ships take their names from the Istari (their Sindarin names) as well as a few other names I thought worked.

– Rulers (i.e. Emperors, not ‘leaders’ i.e. scientists) names are taken from the Númenórean kings, for example Ar-Pharazôn and Tar-Palantir. Sadly this means female rulers will have male Númenórean names. Blame Tolkien.

– Planet names are taken from place-names and are completely random.

– Fleet names are named after the Ainur, and use ‘Armada’ as the military term, so ‘Ulmo’s Armada’ is possible.

– Leader male and female names draw from as many of the Tolkien male and female names I could find. I’ve tried to keep this relatively sensible, so no Morgoth scientist (though that would be hilarious) whilst Aragorn is a possibility. There are sadly much fewer female names but you shouldn’t notice over the course of a few games – I’ve likewise trimmed a bit here, so no Yavanaa but Galadriel is still in.

I’m sure I’ve missed some names here and there, so please let me know if I have and I’ll add them.

Ironman compatible, sadly NOT achievement compatible as it changes the checksum.


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