Homeworld Conquest 2

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Author: Pangolins
Last revision: 2 Apr at 20:30 2018 UTC


Note (23 April 2017) Hi all, despite trying to get into it over the last couple of months, I really dislike the (mostly hardcoded) gameplay changes made by Stellaris 2.0. This has pretty much killed my enthusiasm to play or mod Stellaris in its current form, though it’s possible I’ll get back in the mood at some point. Sorry to all the Homeworld fans… feel free to use parts of, or post your own updates of my mods as long as you give credit.

This is a version of my Homeworld Conquest mod updated for Stellaris 2.0.x. I am leaving my 1.9.x version up separately in case anyone prefers the old gameplay.

Due to 2.0 I had to redo a lot of my work so this is a pretty rough work in progress. Feel free to report any bugs.

Due to Paradox removing combat speed, I added an aura to all ships that debuffs nearby enemies. However, it’s currently bugged and debuffs enemies in the entire local system, even though it’s supposed to only have a range of 10. If anyone knows of a more elegant way to reintroduce combat speed (and warp, for that matter!) please let me know.