Overpowered Civics 2.5

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Author: Edcrab

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Are you sick of your leaders dying? Do you want to blast the End-Game Crisis back where it came from? And, most importantly, are you happy to throw balance out the window to do it?

For the old 2.1 version of OPC, click here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1584459450

For a standalone version of GODMODE which can be removed after game start and also includes Divine Power, click here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598637183

Russian localisation now available courtesy of Strategium Guild:

Also check out my Exigency mod if you prefer your civics slightly less broken: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1610020781

29/10/2019: Minor update, Lithoids should be able to take most of the new traits now

Important note: These civics are blatantly overpowered to the point that they’re basically cheats! Randomly generated empires won’t spawn with these civics, but if you want to manually create an AI empire and give it one of these civics you’d be giving them a significant buff!

Sixteen Overpowered Civics:

Cannot be added or removed after game start
As strong as all the other civics combined, and then some. Note that GODMODE doesn’t include bonus traits or secondary species etc

Hive Minds only. Combines elements of Biomatter Mastery with Galactic Conglomerate.

Machine empires only. Combines elements of Galactic Annihilators with Galactic Conglomerate (but notably doesn’t grant bonus damage versus FEs/Marauders/End-Game crisis factions).

Cannot be changed after game start
A buffed version of Psionic Heritage from the Exigency mod: Exigency mod not required to play but having it enabled will allow Psionic Destiny to unlock bonus psi techs the same way Psionic Heritage does
Start with Psionic Theory and the Psionic trait
+1 Influence, +20% Unity and +50% Psionics research speed
NOTE: Despite starting with the Psionic trait, you will still need to unlock Telepathy through an ascension perk to pursue Transcendence

Cannot be changed after game start
-Requires Utopia DLC
-Not available to Hive Minds or Machine Empires
-Not compatible with Syncretic Evolution or any civics that don’t work with Syncretic Evolution (Life-Seeded, Mechanist, Agrarian Idyl, Fanatical Purifiers etc)
Start with 4 pops of docile slaves (happiness doesn’t apply, just like with Nerve-Stapling) and an empire-wide 20% bonus to slave production. Your main species is also immortal and produces more energy and research.

+5 Volatile Motes
+5 Exotic Gases
+5 Rare Crystals
+25% Alloy production
Begin the game having researched the technologies needed to extract all three resources
Gain access to a policy letting you swap between +1 Resource producer job (of each type!) per 25 pops or a flat +15% Resource production bonus

Cannot be changed after game start
+75 to Trust cap, +75% Trust growth, +50% trade attractiveness
Gives your species the "Divine" trait, granting Immortality, +25 Ruler opinion, +10% Specialist job output and a massive +40% bonus to habitability

Fleet Command Limit: +75
Naval Capacity: +100
Admiral Level Cap: +2
All of your admirals will gain the "Living Legend" trait, which is a slightly less potent version of the Great Khan’s admiral trait

+100% to all food output
+20% Habitability
+50% Biology research speed
Unlocks edicts allowing you to spend 10k food for strong bonuses

Physics Research Speed: +30%
Monthly Energy: +8
Empire Energy Generation: +30%
Shield Hitpoints: +50%
Energy Weapon Fire Rate: +15%
Sublight Speed: +25%

+20% to all Research speed and +2 tech alternatives
+1 Archivist job per 33 pops, producing 12 of each Research type for 2 Energy
+50% to survey speed and anomaly research speed
+33% archeology site dig speed
+2 leader level cap

+8 Defence Platforms
+3 starbase cap
Starbases deal +30% damage and have +100% hull points
Starbases have 50% less upkeep and upgrade 50% faster
Starbases have +15 Trade protection
+33% Defensive war firerate bonus for all fleets
+50% Defence army health

Engineering Research Speed: +30%
Alloys Production: +30%
Megastructure Build Speed: +40%
Terraforming Speed: +40%
Ship Hull Points: +35%
Armor Hit Points: +35%

Society Research Speed: +30%
Governing Ethics Attraction: +50%
Monthly Unity: +25%
Leader Level Cap: +2
Stability: +20
Pop Growth Speed: +20%
Edict Duration: +35%
Happiness: +10%

Armies deal +150% damage!
+35% Naval capacity and +35% weapons damage,
+30% Orbital Bombardment Damage,
+50% damage to all End-Game crisis factions, Fallen/Awakened Empires and Marauders

+30% to Minerals and Energy production
+25% Shipyard build speed and -25% Building construction time
+1.5 Monthly influence , +25% Influence Generation and -30% Starbase Influence cost
+50 admin cap
+3 starbase cap
-35% cost to Branch Offices for Megacorporations

This mod doesn’t change any base files so it should be compatible with pretty much everything! … Except balance and fair play. Definitely not compatible with those