PD+HW Compatibility 2.0

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Author: bradevv
Last revision: 5 Mar at 00:57 UTC


This Mod is a compatibility mod for Planetary Diversity and The Hostile Worlds mod by Alpha Ash. Both Are really Great and All credit goes to Makers of those. I simply took the two and put them together.

I officially got permission to continue the Hostile Worlds mod from Alpha Ash (see link below) So this mod won’t have to be abandoned. I already have a working update out and things seem to be going well. Tons of thanks to AlphaAsh, and hope everyone has fun playing this.

This Only edits the 00_habitability_traits and the 00_planetary_modifiers files so everything else should be ok. basically if it works with the other 2 it’ll work with this.

Fully Updated and Working allows all features from both mods to work fine together.

Link to Hostile Worlds 2.0:

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Hostile Worlds 2.0On Steam
Planetary DiversityOn Steam