Assorted Precursor Adjustments

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Author: Ariphaos
Last revision: 27 May at 11:54 UTC


This mod (2.0) makes three adjustments to the Precursors, covering my pet peeves with the chains.

1) Removes the unity cap for investigating discovered precursor systems.

2) Allows you to always find the Cybrex chain. Accordingly, finding the Cybrex chain doesn’t block any of the others. The non-Cybrex chains still block each other, however. I may change this (or put up two versions) if the non-Cybrex chains get similarly interesting and unique rewards. At least they’re more interesting, now.

3) Forces discovered systems to spawn nearer to your borders, if you have an appropriate system inside your borders.

You need to have an appropriate precursor system in your borders for this to work. It won’t teleport the Cybrex ringworld across the galaxy for you

If you somehow haven’t claimed a single appropriate precursor system, the game will hold onto the discovery event until you research a project after you have done so. The spontaneous project events can only spawn if you own these systems, so this won’t block you forever, but it’s a 20-year MTTH event that only triggers at the start of the midgame.

Compatibility: Modifies a bunch of events found in precursor_events.txt – though not the file itself.

@HolyFarglesnot’s update to the Visible Precursors mod now incorporates these changes. So if you have that, don’t worry about getting this. Visible Precursors is a bit more interesting but also a bit less balanced.

Update May 27th: Updated for 2.1 and fixed some potential bugs.