Assorted Precursor Adjustments (2.2)

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Author: Ariphaos
Last revision: 11 Dec at 16:38 UTC


This mod makes three adjustments to the Precursors, covering my pet peeves with the chains.

– I haven’t tested the 2.2 update fully with this yet, let me know if there are any problems with the rewards.

1) Removes the unity cap for investigating discovered precursor systems. As of 2.2, I find this is less necessary, so I may remove it. Comments welcome, let me know if you aren’t cracking 10k unity for rewards very often.

2) Allows you to always find the Cybrex and First League chains. Accordingly, finding these chains don’t block any of the others. The remaining chains still block each other, however. I may change this (or put up two versions) if the remaining chains get similarly interesting and unique rewards. At least they’re more interesting, now.

3) Forces discovered systems to spawn closer to your borders, if you have an appropriate system inside your borders.

You need to have an appropriate precursor system in your borders to find a chain. Precursor systems are done during mapgen. Cybrex are in the bottom left, etc. If you never explore such a system, the event won’t happen. If you have no relevant system inside of your borders, the artifact events won’t spawn for you either.

Compatibility: Modifies a bunch of events found in precursor_events.txt – though not the file itself.

@HolyFarglesnot’s update to the Visible Precursors mod now incorporates these changes. So if you have that, don’t worry about getting this. Visible Precursors is a bit more interesting but also a bit less balanced.

Update December 10th: Minor update for 2.2, should have functioned but some streamlining has happened.