Stargate Projekt

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Authors: Xaneas, [PaoS] PaddyGameTV
Last revision: 5 Nov at 13:58 2016 UTC


Currently compatible with:
Stellaris Patch = 1.3.1

This mod adds several features of the stargate universe.
It expands the race creation with things like emblems and name lists.
You can see stargate pictures in the loadingscreens.
With new technologies, there are stargate weapons, armor and new planet population.
The new events add more diversity.

Currently the mod have no costum models for ships etc.
The Replicator event uses ships from Stellaris.

Current features:

Race creation:
– Emblems
– Nameslists


Mainmenu appearance


Stargate Music

– Nanite improved armys, increases army health
– Nanite armor, unlocks nanite armor for ships
– Nanite fighters, unlocks nanite fighters for ships
– Replicators, unlocks replicator population
– Anti-replicator-weapons, increases the damage from all weapons against replicators
(Because a weapon against the replicators is currently not possible)
– Ancient drones, only available through a event
– Asgard Beam Weapon

– Stargates, can be found on planets
– Stargate Projekt, can be build on a planet with a "Empire Capital-Complex"

Ship equipment:
– Nanite armor, increases armor and health regeneration
– Nanite fighters, good fighters with shield penetration
– Ancient drones

Buildable population:
– Replicators, have a good bonus on minerals, energy and research

– Replicator event, crisis event, can trigger when anyone have replicators on planets
– Ancient event, can trigger after a sensor technology, WIP

Future plans:

– Race portraits
– More Emblems and names
– More loadingscreen pictures
– Improved events
– More events
– More ship equipment
– More to come…


Models by Dave975 , DKealt, the SGMG, Imperial. Thanks to SG-EAW TEAM[]

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