AlphaMod 2.0

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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 18 May, 2018 at 15:14 UTC (24)

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An unofficial expansion for Stellaris.

Version 2.1 (beta) is now available:

"…a Top 10 Stellaris Mods list would certainly feel a little empty without it." – Odin Gaming[]

"… adds a staggering amount of new stuff which helps improve an already spectacular game."- Rock-Paper-Shotgun


  • Additional tech, buildings, edicts, armies and strategic resources specific to each ethic.
  • New local resources: Water, Ice, Actinides, Natural Fuels, Biomass and Exotic Foods.
  • New tech and buildings for exploiting the new resources.
  • Massive MegaCities on your homeworld.
  • New buildings specific to the ecosystems of different planet-classes.
  • Many new tile-blockers and new ways to exploit tile-blockers with adjacency bonuses that improve when you preserve them.
  • Mechs, Aerofighters and the buildings to make them.
  • New policies and edicts for customising your state’s governance, and to fine-tune your economy and citizenship.
  • Local government tech and buildings specific to different ethics and government types.
  • Take suppressing factions a step further and ban them.
  • New extreme factions.
  • Alternative tilesets for gaia, savannah and alpine worlds.
  • New techs, buildings and edicts for exploiting normally uninhabitable worlds.
  • Carry out follow-up surveys to discover hostile worlds that you can colonise.
  • Establish a base on the moon of your homeworld.
  • Pirate lairs! Yarrr.
  • New Ascension Perks for taking new features even further.

AlphaMod is primarily an expansion but also part overhaul, part total conversion. That means that it does change a few vanilla files and will therefore have compatibility issues with mods that also change those files. The files changed are:

  • common/pop_faction_types/* (<- All of them)
  • common/tile_blockers/00_tile_blockers.txt
  • common/traits/01_species_traits_habitability.txt
  • interface/species_mod_window.gui

The types of mods that will usually have compatibility issues are those that change or add planet classes and their habitabilities, or change vanilla factions in some way.

AlphaMod 2.0 has been built against v2.0 of the game. That means it is untested with any earlier version. There’s a good chance something won’t work properly if you use it with an earlier version.

Activating this mod and then expecting a current save-game to function correctly is just silly. Stop that. Start a new game.

1 – I list vanilla files I over-ride. Other mods don’t.
2 – Before asking about compatibility here, try asking about compatibility there first.
3 – I generally don’t make compatibility patches for mods I don’t use.


  • Guilli’s Planet Modifiers – No patch required.
  • NSC2 – No patch required.
  • Real Space 3.0 – No patch required.


  • Cultural Overhaul
    – It’s an overhaul. AlphaMod has content specifically for ethics. Did you honestly think these two would actually be compatible? They aren’t. And I haven’t even bothered to try it ever to confirm it, because I don’t need to. They aren’t compatible. Every bloody version of AlphaMod this one comes up. Ask the author of that mod. You’re having a laugh thinking I’m going to worry about compatibility with that.
  • Glavius’s Ultimate AI Megamod
    No. Nope. Negatory. Negative. Neropey. Don’t get me started.
  • Planetary Diversity
    – Also over-rides common/traits/01_species_traits_habitability.txt.
    – Patch by Magus here:
  • UI Overhaul 1080p Plus
    – Also over-rides interface/species_mod_window.gui
    – AlphaMod’s file may well take priority anyway.

Version 2.1 (beta) is now available:

Q – Is this compatible with Planetary Diversity?
A – No. Use this patch:

Q – I’m not collecting the resources, water, biomass etc. and they have no number?
A – Just like Betharian and Alien Pets, they are local resources. You do not accumulate them like you do strategic resources. Just like Betharian and Alien Pets you build special ‘sourcers’ on them. Unlike those vanilla sourcers however, you can then benefit further with special buildings that can only be built on tiles adjacent to that sourcer.

Q – Some of my pops are ‘exploited’.
A – Members of the Labour Union faction will be ‘exploited’ with the right combination of poilicies. This will boost their output, but in turn annoy them more.

Q – Does AlphaMod still support barren planet/ asteroid settlements?
A – Yes. However, you need the Refined Colonisation tech and then have to activate the empire edict that unlocks. This will result in randomly generated follow-up surveys your science ships must do to find potential habitables (an event will tell you when a candidate is found). The tech will make at least one barren instantly habitable in your home system.

Q – Any stuff to complement Synthetic Dawn?
A – The mod is compatible with the DLC, but there’s no support of that DLC’s features or content in this mod. If I do get around to something, it will be a separate supplement.

Q – Any stuff to complement Utopia?
A – The mod is compatible with the DLC, but there’s no support of that DLC’s features or content in this mod. There is a supplement though: The Utopian Dream.

Q – Any stuff to complement Apocalypse?
A – The mod is compatible with the DLC, but there’s no support of that DLC’s features or content in this mod. If I do get around to something, it will be a separate supplement.

Other than critical bugfixing with hotfixes that should not break save-games, I will aim to make the bigger updates that may well break current save-games on a Friday. Not necessarily every Friday, but I tend to want to get new stuff in your hands pretty rapidly, so it’ll be most Fridays.

Version 2.1 (beta) is now available:

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Please don’t post spam in the comments. Or ask if Planetary Diversity is compatible.
I also delete trolling. It’s a waste of time.