Advanced Planet Editor

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Author: LogicSequence
Last revision: 7 Feb at 05:06 2018 UTC


Advanced Planet Editor v1.0

Inspired by the Planet Editor mod By thymos23

Check out the above and his other mods!

This is a modding tool (Cheating tool, if you must…) that lets you edit virtually every aspect of any planet in your game. The adaptive interface changes options based on the type of planet chosen, as well as many other factors such as size, modifiers, population, tiles, you name it.

With this mod, from a single menu, you can:
  • Edit ColonyCreate colonies, add starter buildings, add/remove pops, etc.
  • Edit Planet ClassChange the class of planet to any vanilla class and back again
  • Edit Planet SizeSize limits based on planet class prevent game crashes
  • Edit Tile ResourcesAdd resources on tiles best suited for them
  • Edit Orbital ResourcesAdd orbital resources to any planet
  • Edit Strategic ResourcesAdd strategic resources to any uninhabited planet
  • Edit Planet ModifiersAdd/Remove most vanilla planet modifiers
  • Edit Tile BlockersReroll and remove tile blockers
  • Edit Planet RingsAdd/Remove planet rings
  • Edit Moons and HabitatsAdd/Remove moons and habitats
  • Edit SpaceportsAdd/Remove, upgrade and edit spaceports
  • Edit ArmiesAdd/Remove all vanilla army types
  • Add Pre-Sentient SpeciesAdd a presentient species to your planet
  • Remove PlanetsThis planet is just in my way, begone!
  • And More!

How To Use The Advanced Planet Editor:

Use the Set Planet Editor Target edict
– OR –
Select a planet, open the Command Console ( ` Key), and type:
Press the PE (Planet Editor) Button next to the planet’s name in the planet view panel and edit away!

The target planet is reset after you exit the editor.


As of this time, there is no way to identify a planet target other than the above meantioned methods, ideally pressing the PE button would do the trick alone, but the effect is currently not functional (game bug).

This mod was inspired by the Planet Editor mod By thymos23. Credit where credit is due, the original idea and many of the orginal options of this mod are inspired by that mod. You should check it out and his other work!