Arnius Starting System

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Author: Kiathos
Last revision: 10 Mar at 10:19 UTC


With this mod, you have 2 new possible starting system (to select as homeword when you create your empire)
The starting planet and the second planet are in the same system of start.
On the same system, you have 2 barren word eligible for terraforming when you will have the technology.

Arnius Humanus :
Starting planet : Normal Size 25
Second planet : Gaia world – Size 25 (with modifiers : Lush + Natural Beauty)
– Bonus : +10% Habitability ; +20% Food ; +5% Happiness ; +25% Migration Pull

Arnius Machinus :
Starting planet : Normal Size 25
Second planet : Machine world – Size 25 (with modifiers : High Quality Minerals)
– Bonus : +15% Minerals

To compare, solar system start have 3 planets in 3 systems (Terre 16 tiles, AlphaCentaury 12-18 tiles and Sirius 14-24 tiles so a total of 42-58 tiles)
In Arnius starting, their is no random size, it’s always 50 (the average of solar system) on two planets.