Randomized Human Empire

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Author: Violent Beetle
Last revision: 13 Jan at 22:13 UTC


This is a simple mod for those who want to play as humans (Or wants to see humans in their games) but are tired of United Nations.

Mod adds new perscripted empire "Randomized Humans". When the game starts proper, the empire’s name, flag, ethics and government will be randomized. Human traits will remain the same (I can randomize them, but I’m not sure I should). The leader won’t change either, so you will always start the game ruled by a guy named Damien Ephram Munro (Thanks online anagram generator).

The empire is allowed to spawn for AI, so you might start seeing randomized humans appear once in a while if you didn’t pick them.

At the moment it’s not entirely clear whenever it’s possible for this country to get mechanist or syncretic civics. Chances are, no. Please report if you see them, because chances are, they won’t get the right pops.

Compatibility: Mod does not overwrite anything, but ethic randomization is done via a script that won’t pick up if you add more ethics or ethic points, it will keep trying to abide by vanilla rules.