Immersive Empire Names [UPDATED! Added new Machine Empire Names]

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Author: UntrustedLife
Last revision: 13 Jul at 02:27 UTC


This mod adds more interesting, more memorable procedurally generated names for various types of empires to the game while also retaining the old names,

Hive Minds
Devouring Swarms
Machine Empires
Religious Empires
Representative Democracies
Direct Democracies
Imperial Cults
-It even names the cults themselves
Non-Fanatic Authoritarian Empires
Empires with the Shadow Council CIvic
-They are basiclaly impiled to be something like the illuminati now

I will keep updating this mod as time goes by, i plan to add new names for fanatic authorirtarian empires next (basiclaly they will be implied to be like the party from 1984, and farenheight 451

Reccomended Mods
Any Of My Other Mods

Required Mods

None, I do not alter any vanilla files so this should work with any mod.

7/12/2018 Added a bunch of new machine empire names, and removed/made less popular names rarer (Conspiracies for example)
5/25/2018 updated to 2.1
2/22/2018 updated to 2.0
2/11/2018 Added many new name generators for democratic empires.
2/4/2018 updated to 1.9