Tomb World Primitives

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Author: Violent Beetle
Last revision: 4 Jun at 10:48 UTC


Exactly what it says on the tin.

This mod adds primitive civilizations that spawn on tomb worlds. They have lower probability to spawn compared to regular primitives so without rising their number dramatically, you will only have a few.

Like any other primitive civilization, this one can be invaded or uplifted. However, it can’t be infiltrated. The civilization can also overcome its handicap and return to industrial status.

Earth can spawn as part of this mod. It will spawn on day 3 if no other Sol is present (This all accomodated by my other mods – Primitive Hive Minds and Primitive Robots). Usually it will be Humans who inhabit it, but sometimes it will be "Ghouls" (Using Klingon-esque portrait). Vanilla version with pre-sapient roaches can still spawn instead, however, so don’t be alarmed.